How DMARC helps

DMARC verifies the source of an email message and decides what to do with it. It is a security check that allows only emails coming from the legitimate source to be delivered.

Being DMARC compliant gives your company full visibility of and control over all email- (legitimate and illegitimate) that is claiming to be from your organization.

The DMARC standard corroborates that the sender of the email is legitimate, that the message has not been compromised, and if it passes the authentication process delivers the email to the inbox and if it doesn’t rejects the email.

Know your score

How secure is your
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email scammers?

Sendmarc has developed an algorithm that rates an organization’s exposure to fraudulent email activities such as impersonation, phishing and spoofing, and the risk their current domain poses to the cyber security of their company.

Simply enter your email address and check your score, it only takes a few seconds.

If you’re at risk of impersonation, one of our experts will be in touch to assist.

Understanding your score

A score between 0 and 5 is assigned to an organization.


A score of five (5) indicates a company has a very low risk of their name being used by criminals in fraudulent email activities. Domains with a score of 5 are 100% DMARC compliant and are protected from impersonation and phishing attacks.


A score of four (4) requires one more change. Deliverability of rightful email may be affected by being sent to spam or junk folders and savvy criminals could impersonate your domain


A score of three (3) or less indicates no protection at all of their name, and the highest probability that their name will be hijacked by criminals and used in fraudulent email activities.

How we come to your score

The final rating is a combination of a score related to your DMARC posture added to a score that is given for your SPF posture, and an average calculated.

When determining the DMARC score of your organization, the starting point for everyone is a mark of 5. Starting with the presence or absence of DMARC record determines whether this score is valid and with a record the 5 rating is kept. If no record the organization will automatically be rated zero (0).

A set of criteria covering a number of potential states related to the DMARC process and status are looked at for organizations with a DMARC record. Marks of between 1 and 2 deducted based on certain factors, as per the rules of the algorithm.

When determining the SPF score of an organization, the starting point as with the DMARC score is a rating of five (5).

A series of eight (8) criteria are investigated and marks of between 1 and 2 deducted based on the impact and risk each would have on the environment.

An average of the DMARC score and SPF score is the overall score an organization is given. This will be anything from 0/5 through to 5/5.

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