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Maximize your business’s potential with DMARC and capitalize on its remarkable growth rate of 84% YoY.

By diversifying your offering and partnering with Sendmarc you can effortlessly deliver DMARC and gain a competitive edge.


Supercharge your business with enhanced offerings.

55 %

The DMARC Software market is expected to grow at 55.5% CAGR in terms of revenue.

$463.5 M

The global market size is forecast to reach $463.5 million by 2025, according to a 360 Research Report published in September 2021

Diversifies your

+/- 70% addressable

Automated DMARC

Full integration into
existing mail services


84% YOY growth of
DMARC adoption


Shield customers from financial and reputational damage

  • Protect clients’ email from phishing and fraud.
  • Easily monitor and manage email authentication.
  • Ensure domains are protected against email impersonation.
  • Increase client trust with legitimate source verification.
  • Prevent phishing scams to protect client revenue and retention.

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partnering with us

Revenue protection &

Onboarding & sales

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About Sendmarc

Protection from
email impersonation

Sendmarc offers a platform that helps organizations of all sizes quickly achieve DMARC compliance, ensuring complete email security by easily assessing and monitoring data from multiple email service providers.

With a well-defined process, organizations can achieve protection from email impersonation and spoofing attacks within 90 days, while allowing legitimate email services to operate uninterrupted. Sendmarc’s platform minimizes false positives and provides peace of mind to companies about the security of their domain.

Best partnership experience from onboarding to support.

“Just want to touch on the delightful experience we have had thus far with the Sendmarc team. AOS is built on transparent, highly integrated partnerships in order to ensure our customer base has positive experiences with all AOS-connected parties. Sendmarc has been one of the best partnership experiences to date; from onboarding to sales and technical support; the team has their partners top of mind. The experience has allowed AOS to onboard numerous customers to the Sendmarc platform in a short period of time; typically a scale-up like this would take double the time. Kudos to the Sendmarc team, and thanks you for the continued support!”

Kyle Aquin
Director of Technology and Cloud Solutions

Timeous and cost-effective DMARC compliance.

“With the rise of impersonation and phishing attacks, Bidvest Services needed to take every measure to ensure our employees, customers and supply chains were protected from cybercriminals. We chose Sendmarc, an experienced security services provider, and managed services provider of Executive Solutions to ensure timeous and cost-effective DMARC compliance across all our domains.”

Gareth Burmeister
Chief Financial Officer

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