IOT Maniacs

IOT Maniacs is a dynamic and fast-moving technology company, driven by passion and providing innovative sustainable end-to-end solutions into various industries.

Who is IOT?

Solutions offered:

Our focused innovative approach to provide cost effective and highly efficient solutions are derived from the cumulative experience of our team. We combine practical business experience and strong technology delivery capabilities to build and implement cutting edge technology solutions that align and exceed our customer’s vision and strategy. Our primary goal remains to create measurable value for our customers.

With innovation and technology convergence as our core values, we are committed to continue to pioneer industry leading technology solutions that disrupt. Our intense passion to exhaustively investigate our customer specific needs is what drives the successes of our projects.

Our vision: Illuminating the 4th Industrial Revolution.

At IOT Maniacs we believe that Smart technologies like IOT, RFID, Dmarc along with Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security Platforms are only useful if you can put these together into a solution that makes sense for your business. It is not a one-size-fits-all solution and has to be tailored to specific needs and challenges.

Without visibility it is extremely difficult to know what is going on in your business, where you have challenges and what can be done to address these. Using Smart Technologies we help illuminate our customer’s business issues and address these in such a way as to improve efficiencies, reduce risk and gain visibility into areas previously considered impossible to visualise.


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