Stop email fakery and ensure your brand can be trusted with DMARC

A flaw in email design lets a criminal insert any sender’s address into a forged email, and this is now widely exploited by criminals. 

An attack on your business could result in deposit fraud, ransomware attack, identity theft or reputation damage. Sendmarc mitigates this flaw using DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance).

91 %

Phishing attacks arrive by email

94 %

Malware attacks occur via email

Six Steps

It takes just six steps to protection and taking control of your brand


Publishing DMARC records

First, we add and publish DMARC records in the DNS. This allows email service reports to be sent to Sendmarc, helping identify domain usage (legitimate or not) based on received emails.


Configuring DNS (Domain Name System)

Next, we shift SPF and DKIM management to Sendmarc. This ensures effective handling of authentication mechanisms and enhances email deliverability for legitimate senders.


Analyzing reporting

After enabling reporting and analyzing the data, we gain insights into both legitimate and illegitimate use of your email name. This allows us to implement measures to prevent abuse and mitigate associated risks and challenges.


Strengthening your email security

To activate DMARC, we configure approved services sending email in your name, extending the policy to all third-party senders. This ensures only legitimate emails reach inboxes, optimizing email deliverability rates.


Achieve a state of full protection

The correct configuration of your entire email environment, reaching a state where all illegitimate emails are stopped from reaching an inbox and only legitimate emails are delivered is guaranteed within 90 days.


Actively defending and protecting your environment

Due to the rising fraudulent email activities and widespread use of cloud email services, DMARC requires continuous monitoring and updates for sustained compliance and optimal deliverability, rather than a one-time setup.

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About Sendmarc

Sendmarc ensures that your most important business communication tool will be the safest guardian of your reputation. Email will arrive where you want it to, and your name is continually protected from fraudulent use through proactive monitoring of your email ecosystem.

Using Sendmarc, what arrives in an inbox is always the real thing. You and your reputation have guaranteed protection from impersonators, fraudsters and attackers. You can be fully confident that any email received bearing your identity has been verified as a authentic.

Sendmarc identifies real email and stops fake emails, so you don’t have to worry.