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Take control of your brand reputation and protect your business from financial harm in the face of surging email-based threats including phishing, spoofing, and impersonation.

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Cybercriminals target businesses of all sizes, across various industries. With cybercrime expected to cost the world $10.5 trillion by 2025, businesses can’t afford to ignore these threats.

Here are some of the top threats to your business today:

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Phishing & spoofing

Phishing and spoofing, or impersonation (where an email is made to look like it comes from a trusted sender), remain the predominant forms of cyberattack worldwide. Cybercriminals send over a trillion emails every year and Google blocks 100 million phishing emails every day.

Business Email Compromise

In a business email compromise (BEC) attack, cybercriminals gain access to a business email account and masquerade as its rightful owner to trick recipients into transferring money, revealing sensitive info, or engaging in other harmful actions. The BEC market is expected to reach $2.8B by 2027.

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Ransomware attacks are tactics cybercrooks use to render systems, files, or data inaccessible to users. They can then demand payment in exchange for restored access. Ransomware cases were up 73% in 2023, with over 77% of cases that involved organizations resulting in data exfiltration.

Malicious AI

As AI’s use in business advances, so do the abilities of cybercriminals seeking to exploit it. AI lets cybercriminals launch attacks at scale, resulting in boosted spear-phishing, supercharged social engineering, smart automated attacks, and chatbot misuse, all of which pose massive risks to modern businesses.

DMARC steps in to secure your business against these threats, ensuring protection from possibly irreparable business damage.

DMARC for your industry

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Financial institutions

As one of cybercrime’s most-targeted industries, financial institutions can trust DMARC to prevent credential theft from impersonation - a crime that threatens client trust and business continuity.

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DMARC equips governments with the means to safeguard citizens, employees, and all other stakeholders from the dangers of email impersonation and phishing attacks.

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Healthcare is a top cybercrime target. Use DMARC to protect stakeholders and email ecosystems from devastating cyberattacks while ensuring uninterrupted patient care, compliance, and financial fraud prevention.

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Information Technology

Gain increased visibility and control over email-sending networks, preventing cybercrime, and allowing only legitimate senders to send emails from your domain/s.

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Retail & e-commerce

Implement DMARC to secure shoppers against fraudulent emails, and maintain brand reputation, while boosting email deliverability as well as compliance with industry standards.

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Uphold the highest standards of client confidentiality and trust by stopping email impersonation, phishing attacks, and invoice fraud, as well as ensuring the integrity of email communications.

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Education sector

Keep sensitive student records, research data, and digital communications out of the reach of cybercriminals. Preserve staff and student privacy, maintain your trusted reputation, and mitigate legal liabilities.

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Travel & hospitality

DMARC protects customers' holiday and business travel expenses by preventing email scams and fraudulent activities sent from your domain. Safeguard your brand reputation, ensuring customer trust and loyalty.

How DMARC empowers you in your role

empowers you
in your role

Protect your bottom line

DMARC closes the door on email-based threats that could lead to potentially irreparable financial and reputational damages, ensuring your business continuity and protecting your bottom line.

Secure all stakeholders

While existing perimeter protection and anti-spam may protect your internal stakeholders, it doesn’t shield your customers, suppliers, and the rest of the world from fraudulent emails sent using your domain. DMARC solves this by safeguarding your entire stakeholder community.

Maximize customer trust

Customers are more likely to do business with organizations they trust. Ensuring the highest email security posture for your business with DMARC means customers can trust that every email bearing your name is the real thing.

Safeguard your organization

Sendmarc’s cost-effective DMARC solution allows you to avoid the consequences of a successful email-based attack, including direct losses, legal liabilities, and reputational damage. Its clear pricing, flexible deployment and scalability mean you can tailor it for a business of any size.

Ensure operational efficiency

Block disruptive threats like spear phishing or BEC, while ensuring smooth operations with our automated solutions that integrate seamlessly into existing email infrastructure, with no disruptions to your email flow.

Elevate response times

Our DMARC solution provides real-time monitoring and alerts for fast threat detection and mitigation. Once set up, it automatically quarantines or rejects suspicious emails, and offers detailed reporting for compliance audits.

Enhance productivity

Access DMARC reports that gather worldwide server data to offer actionable insights and unveil who’s sending emails from your domain. This accelerates threat investigations and management of spam complaints. Our platform also offers customizable alerting for real-time threat visibility, allowing for faster mitigation.

Boost security

Prevent the unauthorized use of your domain to send fake emails so that phishing, spoofing, and impersonating emails don’t reach the inboxes of internal or external stakeholders.

Simplify email governance

DMARC empowers IT teams to enforce email governance policies and best practices across the organization. This ensures consistency of email authentication policies and integrity of email communication, ultimately boosting trust.

Improve inbox access

DMARC helps ensure that every legitimate email from your domain reaches the intended inbox, providing peace of mind that campaigns will perform optimally.

Protect brand reputation

A phishing or spoofing attack can hugely damage brand trust and reputation, which is challenging – or even impossible - to repair. DMARC ensures that every email bearing your brand name is the real thing.

Increase ROI

DMARC supercharges your email deliverability, which means more eyes on your messaging, more often. This means you can maximize ROI and avoid getting lost in Spam or Junk folders.

Elevate brand recognition

Once DMARC is in place, you can implement Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI), which boosts brand visibility and recognition by allowing for the display of your logo beside emails in inboxes.

Faster resolution = happier customers

With reliable email delivery, customer success teams can promptly respond to inquiries and resolve issues. This enhances customer satisfaction and boosts loyalty.

Strengthened customer engagement

DMARC ensures that emails are delivered, enabling you to proactively reach out to customers with helpful information, support updates, or personalized offers. This bolsters customer engagement and drives success.

Enhanced communication

DMARC provides prime placement of your communications in inboxes, preventing emails from landing in Spam or Junk folders, or being rejected entirely.

DMARC boosts

Global mandates for DMARC implementation continue to grow. Adopting DMARC can strengthen your business’s compliance with many global regulations.

Google & Yahoo

Email sender requirements


Payment Card Industry
Data Security Standard


California Consumer
Privacy Act


General Data
Protection Regulation


The Gramm-Leach-Billey Act


The Health Insurance Portability
and Accountability Act


National Institute of Standards and Technology Cybersecurity Framework

CMMC 1.0

Cybersecurity Maturity
Model Certification

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