Boost your business with our DMARC cybersecurity partner program

Our various partner programs and levels allow MSPs, OEMs, and partners to leverage a full DMARC feature set, giving them a competitive advantage in the cybersecurity space.


Get seamless implementation and management of DMARC, SPF, DKIM, and MTA-STS, all through our partner-first platform.

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Why a DMARC partner program?
Discover a cybersecurity game changer

Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance (DMARC) is a unique global email authentication standard that allows you to protect your business and customers against email-based threats as well as diversify your cybersecurity product bouquet. It also enhances product stickiness, nurturing long-term client retention.

With DMARC you can:

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Fulfil a need for approx. 70% of your customers

In the expanding threat landscape, Sendmarc empowers you to mitigate increasing email-based cyberattacks for your customers, including impersonation, phishing, spoofing, and data breaches.

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Why Dmarc 2 Mobile | Sendmarc | Dmarc Protection And Security

Join a flourishing DMARC market expected to be worth $1.72B by 2028

Stay ahead of growing cybersecurity market competition with our seamless, automated platform (also integrated with Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud) and offer customers uniquely powerful protection against email fraudsters.

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Why Dmarc 3 Mobile | Sendmarc | Dmarc Protection And Security

Tap into the $1.5B customers plan to spend solving vulnerability issues

Armed with the tools and expertise needed to implement and manage DMARC simply, you can give your customers real value and email security while boosting your bottom line.

Who we partner with

Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

Leveraging Sendmarc’s cybersecurity and domain protection services, MSPs can enhance their offerings, helping clients secure their email ecosystems against phishing and spoofing attacks.

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Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

OEMs can embed Sendmarc's technology into their own products to add advanced email authentication and security features, increasing the overall value of their solutions.

Email service providers (ESPs)

By partnering with Sendmarc, ESPs can ensure their platforms enforce DMARC policies effectively, improving email deliverability and protecting their users from email fraud.


Distributors can expand their product portfolio with Sendmarc's cybersecurity solutions, providing their resellers and MSPs with high-demand tools to address growing concerns over email-based threats.


Resellers can offer Sendmarc's services as part of their cybersecurity solutions, helping businesses of all sizes safeguard their domains and enhance email security.

Referral partners

Referral partners can benefit from Sendmarc’s solutions by referring contacts looking to improve email security. In turn, they’ll earn commissions and strengthen business relationships through value-added services.

Leverage Sendmarc’s
powerful partner program

Our partner program is designed to put your needs first, ensuring that you can maximize your business growth and customer retention with us.

Partnering with Sendmarc gives you access to:

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Co-branded assets

Leverage our co-branded offerings designed to ensure a smooth incorporation of our services into your product bouquet.

Marketing & sales enablement tools

Access top-notch marketing and sales assets to help you maximize the Sendmarc opportunity.

Full feature set

Take advantage of a full feature set designed to meet the needs of you and your customers, from sophisticated threat detection to detailed reporting.

A program to suit your business

Choose from multiple partner programs and levels, or our On-Demand offering for pay-as-you-consume billing and independent customer management.

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Opportunity analysis

Gain visibility into which customer organizations have vulnerable domains, giving you a unique edge in identifying sales opportunities.

Efficient workflows

Optimize operations with our automated, user-friendly interface that boosts productivity and minimizes costs for both you and your clients.

Onboarding, training & certification

Become a Sendmarc expert with hands-on onboarding, training, and certification with our specialists, designed to fast-track your skills and knowledge.

Multi-tenant solution

Manage all customers, of any size, from a unified interface, empowering efficient and simplified control of your client base.

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