Their name is their reputation.
Quality, truthful, accurate and reliable reporting.

Trust is a powerful weapon for retaining audiences and advertisers. It is critical in the online world for media organisations to protect their name from fraudulent use.

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Reputation is everything

Media companies earn their reputation. Since its launch in 2009 Daily Maverick has become a trusted and credible news source through the quality, truthfulness, accurate and reliability of its reporting. Operating as an online news outlet for quality long-form journalism and newsletters, Daily Maverick, like all digital businesses, is a potential target for cyber criminals. The illegitimate use of the Daily Maverick name by fraudsters could cause catastrophic reputational and financial damage to the company.

Trusted reporting

Daily Maverick readers need to know they can trust information that carries the Daily Maverick name. Anyone seeking out information from the company’s website or receiving email communication from Daily Maverick in the form of newsletters, news-feeds or request for subscriptions, needs to be able to fully trust that the information they are receiving is the real thing. Daily Maverick’s reputation would be severely undermined if a scam website with the Daily Maverick name, branding and styling but peddling false or misleading information was live. Equally, if a cyber criminal impersonates a Daily Maverick journalist and uses their name to tout misinformation, untruthful and inaccurate reports, or to ask for donations or a subscription then there would be serious reputational and financial damage inflicted. Without trust Daily Maverick cannot sustain their reputation and credibility, drive subscriptions, advertising revenues or audience and readership numbers. All of which are critical to their sustainability.

Sendmarc: Protecting Daily Maverick and its readers from email fraudsters

Daily Maverick called on Sendmarc to make the Daily Maverick identity immune from cyber criminals wanting to hijack the name and impersonate the company. It is imperative that only legitimate communication bearing the Daily Maverick name reaches the inbox of their subscribers, donors and readers. Sendmarc set about ensuring the Daily Maverick name, its use in email communication from the company and its website is fully protected and unable to be used by fraudsters for their illicit gain. Their name is their reputation and key to attracting advertisers and increasing the audience of their content. With cyberattacks a major threat to trust, Daily Maverick wanted to ensure they had the strongest defence possible against fraudsters and ensure their reputation for quality, accurate, truthful reporting could not be compromised.

Daily Maverick Requirements


Only legitimate emails

Ensure only legitimate emails with the Daily Maverick name ever reach an inbox.


Highest security protocols

Enable the highest security protocols to mitigate against email fraud and protect Daily Maverick’s reputation.


Safeguard the trust

Safeguard the earned trust in Daily Maverick as a reputable, independent and accurate source of news and analysis.


Safeguarding revenue

Protect subscribers and donors from email fraudsters masquerading as Daily Maverick, safeguarding Daily Maverick revenue streams.


Ensure email integrity

Ensure trust in Daily Maverick is maintained by stopping any possible interception and altering of emails.


Block fake emails

Block all fake emails impersonating Daily Maverick from reaching inboxes.


Reputation protection

Protect the reputation of Daily Maverick as a credible news source, stopping all attempts of email fraudsters hijacking the Daily Maverick name for illicit gain.


Legitimate communication

Ensure supporters of Daily Maverick receive the legitimate communication they have subscribed to.


POPI compliance

Ensure compliance with POPI requirements to take every measure to safeguard information.

Technical Solution

DMARC: Domain-based Messaging Authentication, Reporting and Compliance

Results achieved with Sendmarc solutions

  • All illegitimate emails identified and blocked
  • Reputation of Daily Maverick as credible a news source protected
  • Full visibility and insight into the use of Daily Maverick domain
  • In one month over 10, 000 illegitimate emails identified and blocked from reaching any inbox
  • Daily Maverick identity can only be used by legitimate, authorised users
  • Subscribers and donors protected from fraudsters posing as Daily Maverick
  • Ensuring communication from Daily Maverick can be trusted
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