The sendmarc way

Hands-on throughout the multistep process ensuring no disruption to your business or customers

Purpose built platform

Our built for purpose platform, means it is fit for purpose, enabling the swift implementation of DMARC compliance across an entire organization.

Interoperability is a key feature of our platform, ensuring that data from across a company’s entire email ecosystem and multiple email service providers can be assessed, and proactively monitored and managed.

All features
for ALL

Our product is built with a rich set of features and functionality that every customer receives.

There are no gradings, tiers or variations of our product, because every organization large or small is vulnerable to the same cyber-threats and so require the same standards of protection.

We provide a product that is the same for everyone so that no business is compromised because of a ‘less than’ product.


Consistent delivery
using our methodology

Promise guaranteed

within 90 days

Our single, laser-sharp focus on DMARC has enabled us to create a methodology and build an engineering team who are completely confident in their capability. This allows us to guarantee that our product will be implemented, working and giving full protection from fraudulent email activities within 90 days.

Customers do not pay if we don’t deliver on this promise.

full visibility


Our platform is intelligent by design. All processes and policies are fully automated and integrate seamlessly with all email service providers providing full visibility into all legitimate and illegitimate email using a company’s name.

We monitor and manage the entire email ecosystem and provide real time reporting and analysis, resulting in proactive defense against new threats as they arise


Take control of
your brand

Highest engineered

Our focus on ensuring the safety and security of your domain name, requires our platform to be engineered with the highest security standards and protocols in place. All authorization, authentication and access is fully controlled and secure and all activity within the environment fully auditable.



Our DMARC solution is implemented so that legitimate emails hit the inbox of the intended recipient, so companies can be confident that this important business communication tool is effective.

Increased brand trust

BIMI Increases your brand recognition and trust

BIMI gives a company the means to combine brand and authentication. An organization’s logo is displayed next to the email message.

Implemented, hosted and managed in the cloud

There are no infrastructure costs and our fully automated and intelligent platform enables utility based pricing based on an organization’s size.

Test your domain

Everyone is at risk from email fraudsters. How secure is your brand name from email scammers?

If you’re at risk of impersonation, one of our experts will be in touch to assist.