Protect your email delivery:
Navigating Google & Yahoo’s
DMARC requirements

Google and Yahoo launched the phased rollout of their new bulk sender requirements, in February 2024, with rules ramping up in April and becoming mandatory in June. These rules state that businesses sending 5000 emails at once, or within 24 hours to Gmail and Yahoo addresses must:

What the Google & Yahoo rules mean for your business

What the Google & Yahoo rules mean
for your business

The updated sender requirements are being rolled out in phases as follows:


Non-compliant senders may encounter errors on a small portion of emails, prompting identification and correction before mandatory rules apply.


Email providers will start rejecting a portion of emails that don’t meet the rules. This rate will increase over time.


New requirements become mandatory; non-compliant emails will be rejected.

Google And Yahoo’s New Anti-Spam Measures Mean Cleaner And Safer Inboxes | Sendmarc Blog | Infographic

With the compliance deadline fast approaching, taking immediate action is crucial to ensuring smooth business operations and continuity. This proactive approach will not only safeguard your emails from potential rejection but will also strengthen your defenses against impersonation.


Exploring the powerful email authentication
best practice

High-profile organizations have recognized a need for Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance (DMARC) for over a decade, since beginning work to establish it as a global standard in 2011.

The modern digital landscape, with its ever-rising and strengthening cyberthreats has driven massive enterprises, regulatory bodies, and governments worldwide to either strongly recommend or mandate DMARC in recent years.

150 %

There's been a 150% rise in phishing attacks per year since 2019

84 %

Surging threats led to an 84% growth in valid DMARC policies in 2021 with annual adoption rates steadily increasing since


The amount of brand names spoofed has almost doubled in recent years

Is your organization safe?
Check your domain here

Is your organization safe? Check your domain here

Sendmarc has developed an algorithm that rates an organization’s exposure to fraudulent email activities such as impersonation, phishing and spoofing, and the risk their current domain poses to the cybersecurity of their company. Simply enter your email address and check your score, it only takes a few seconds.

By using this tool you agree to our privacy policy
By using this tool you agree to our privacy policy

Tap into expertise for turbocharged
DMARC benefits

The details of implementing Google and Yahoo’s new sender rules for email authentication may seem overwhelming, but you don’t need to embark on your
journey to compliance alone.


Leverage Sendmarc, a leading DMARC implementation and management specialist to comply simply and reap the standard’s benefits across various teams in your business.

Information Technology

Information Technology

Maximize productivity
DMARC reports compile data from worldwide servers into actionable insights and provide visibility of who’s sending emails from your domain. This accelerates threat investigations and management of spam complaints.

Strengthen security
Prevent the unauthorized use of your domain name to send fraudulent emails, stopping phishing, spoofing, and impersonation from reaching the inboxes of internal and external stakeholders.

Streamline email governance
DMARC empowers IT teams to enforce email governance policies and best practices across the organization. This ensures consistency of email authentication policies and integrity of email communications, ultimately boosting trust.

Sales And Marketing People

Sales & Marketing

Improve inbox access
DMARC helps ensure that every legitimate email from your domain reaches the intended inbox, providing peace of mind that campaigns will perform optimally.

Protect brand reputation
A phishing or spoofing attack can hugely damage brand trust and reputation, which is challenging – or even impossible – to repair. DMARC ensures that every email bearing your brand name is the real thing.

Increase ROI
DMARC supercharges your email deliverability, which means more eyes on your messaging, more often. This means you can maximize ROI and avoid getting lost in Spam or Junk folders.

Elevate brand recognition
Once DMARC is in place, you can implement Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI), which boosts brand visibility and recognition by allowing for the display of your logo beside emails in inboxes.

Customer Success Operations

Customer Success

Faster resolution = happier customers
With reliable email delivery, customer success teams can promptly respond to inquiries and resolve issues. This enhances customer satisfaction and boosts loyalty.

Strengthened customer engagement
DMARC ensures that emails are delivered, enabling you to proactively reach out to customers with helpful information, support updates, or personalized offers. This bolsters customer engagement and drives success.

Enhanced communication
DMARC provides prime placement of your communications in inboxes, preventing emails from landing in Spam or Junk folders, or being rejected entirely.

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