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Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) is an email authentication standard that allows an organization with DMARC-compliant domains to display its logo next to emails in the recipient’s inbox. DMARC and BIMI work together and provide benefits such as increased trust in the sender, improved email deliverability, reduced phishing and spoofing attacks, and improved brand awareness and recognition.

BIMI benefits

Boost brand visibility and email impact

BIMI ensures that your emails stand out from the rest. The display of your logo next to emails in the email client increases brand awareness and visibility and makes it look more inviting to the receiver. To view a list of email clients that support BIMI click here.

Better inbox placement

Emails authenticated with BIMI have a higher chance of going to the receiver’s inbox and not their junk or spam folder.

Increased control over branding

BIMI lets you decide how your logo is displayed, giving emails consistency, and allowing you to ensure that your logo is always presented in the best way possible.

Improves customer experience

BIMI gives your emails authenticity and increases recipient trust and confidence in you as the sender, so they’re more likely to open it, ultimately leading to higher engagement and more effective communication.

Protects emails from malicious impersonators

BIMI enhances email security by requiring your domain to be DMARC-compliant, effectively preventing fraudulent email impersonation attempts.

Easily implement BIMI with Sendmarc

Sendmarc is here to help you reap the benefits of BIMI without the hassle of worrying about its prerequisites. We offer our premium customers a service to complete all the requirements of BIMI that includes the following:


DMARC Compliance

To implement BIMI, your domain/s must have a p=reject or p=quarantine policy. Sendmarc’s DMARC services take a company’s domain/s to p=reject in a maximum of 90 days. We offer a comprehensive platform and service to manage a domain’s DMARC policy.


Logo Trademark Registration

To enable BIMI, a company requires a Verified Mark Certificate (VMC), but to purchase a VMC an organization’s logo must be trademarked in an approved region. You can find a list of approved regions here. If your logo isn’t trademarked in an approved region, we can assist in registering it for you in the United States of America (US) or the European Union (EU).


Verified Mark Certificate (VMC)

Once your logo is trademarked, you can purchase a VMC for it. This VMC is a digital certificate that verifies the ownership of an organization’s logo. We work with Mark Verifying Authorities (MVAs) to ensure that the VMC required for BIMI implementation is issued. We then install, activate, and manage BIMI alongside DMARC.

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