Experience the most powerful DMARC platform

Sendmarc’s DMARC platform assists in the implementation and management process from beginning to end. It also provides continuous monitoring to ensure the strongest DMARC compliance for your domain at all times.


Our purpose-built platform’s features include comprehensive DMARC reporting and analytics, email authentication, configuration and hosting, real-time threat intelligence, and so much more.


Implementing DMARC using our platform also enables your business’s compliance with industry regulations such as Google and Yahoo sender rules, PCI DSS, NIST, and CCPA, to name a few.

Supercharged email security: Sendmarc's DMARC platform features

The sooner your business knows about compromised data, the faster it can mitigate the risk and prevent business damage. Sendmarc Breach Detection monitors multiple sources, including the dark web to expose any information stolen or leaked from your business or its third parties including:

Reporting Analytics | Sendmarc | Dmarc Protection And Security

Consolidated DMARC reporting & analytics

  • Full visibility of email traffic
  • Aggregate (RUA), forensic (RUF), MTA-STS and TLS report data consolidation and enrichment
  • Actionable insights based on report findings
  • Historical data and trends
  • Identification of senders using your domain & who their service providers are
  • Sender location mapping
  • Automatic interrogation of email source reputations
  • Visibility into blacklisted IP addresses and frequency


All the above information empowers faster threat discovery and resolution.

Dmarc Checking Process

Robust email authentication

Configure and manage SPF, DKIM, MTA-TLS, TLS-RPT, and DMARC in one place, with all domain data at your fingertips. These advanced email authentication features boost email security and safeguard your domain against phishing, spoofing and impersonation.

Sendmarc Alerts | Sendmarc | Dmarc Protection And Security

SPF optimization

Overcome SPF’s DNS lookup limit with our advanced SPF flattening feature. Automatically optimize your SPF records to include all authorized IP addresses directly, preventing too many lookup errors.

Real-time threat intelligence

Set up your chosen alerts and receive an email to the specified email address when an event takes place, enabling faster threat response.

Bimi 2 | Sendmarc | Dmarc Protection And Security
Bimi | Sendmarc | Dmarc Protection And Security

Email branding with BIMI

Once your domain is DMARC compliant, you can implement our hosted BIMI feature. BIMI enables the display of your logo beside emails in supported inboxes, maximizing email impact, brand recognition and trust.


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User security & access management

authentication (2FA)

User access and
audit logs

User role


Single Sign-On

Integrates with existing services and applications

Our DMARC platform works alongside all email vendors, security services and applications for seamless implementation and uninterrupted business operations.

Evaluate your domain safety in one click

Sendmarc’s unique algorithm rates your domain’s exposure to fraudulent email activities with a single click. 

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We guarantee to take your domain to a reject policy within a maximum of 90 days. See how our leading DMARC solution benefits your industry and role.

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Many businesses aren’t even aware that they’ve had a breach. This solution gives your company visibility of stolen company data or breached systems.

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Lookalike Domain

Stop your domain name from being used for malicious misuse with our solution to detect and send alerts on domains that are copying yours.

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